Map of EPC projects

Energy services with a guaranteed result have more than 25-years of tradition in the Czech Republic. The first energy-efficient project using EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) was put into operation in 1993. Since then, almost 270 projects have been implemented, representing 1,400 objects in which, through appropriate investments, energy savings have been achieved. A total of 4,6 billion CZK has been invested, whereby 1.3 billion has been in the last three years. Currently, these investments have brought 5,3 billion CZK savings.

The most frequent customers are cities and ministries, followed by regions and private companies. State organisations have so far, only used this method marginally.

EPC projects are suitable for entities whose energy costs exceed 4 000 EUR per year. Therefore, this method is applied primarily in hospitals, schools, industrial and administrative buildings.

Most investments in EPC projects belong to Prague, the Pardubice Region and the Moravian-Silesian Region.

According to at Siemens a.s estimations, the EPC market is growing for the last decade by 16.75% per annum.

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